According to a new study released by the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in July 2017, 100 million Americans have diabetes or are pre-diabetic – and this is both a tragedy and disgrace. Why? Because Type 2 Diabetes – T2D – is 100% preventable. How? Because T2D is caused by what people eat – their DIET!!! Today, the Standard American Diet – SAD for short – has almost no nutritional value, is void of vitamins and minerals and has substantially too many simple carbohydrates. How is T2D preventable? Because before someone becomes diabetic, their blood work will show something called IR, or insulin resistance. IR occurs and shows in blood work, for YEARS prior to someone becoming diabetic and while there is still plenty of time to change their eating habits (diet). By changing their food intake, from a simple carbohydrate diet, to a complex carbohydrate diet, that includes a good amount of fat and protein, the patient, CAN PREVENT DIABETES! There is also a substantial amount of this information on the internet, but in the event someone needs more help, in getting their IR or T2D under control, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Take care,