May 6, 2021 – “people who followed a Mediterranean-style diet closely had less amyloid and tau pathology, increased brain volume in regions vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease and better memory performance, a cross-sectional analysis in Germany showed.” Earlier research showed that a Mediterranean diet — high in fish, vegetable, fruits and nuts, low in meat and dairy products — may be linked to a “reduced risk for cognitive impairment” and fewer early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Really – do we need a study to tell us that vegetable, fruits and nuts are better than processed foods?

I am always amazed that researchers spend such a great deal of time and effort, to tell us what common sense has told us for centuries. Everyone should be eating the most healthy foods available! Foods that last in the pantry for more than 5-7 days will have chemicals and sugars that the human body simply can not process over time. Want proof? Look at the number of diseases that continue to increase year after year? Go to any mall, airport or fast food restaurant – what do you see? People who are obese and sick. Hospital wheelchairs are now built to handle patients who routinely weight 100’s of pounds!

Want to live a healthy life and reduce your risk for disease – eat what Mother Earth provides and if you have a “chronic” disease – stay away from medical doctors; all they can offer are drugs and surgery.